A Turning Level in World Historical past – Altering the Future

A Turning Level in World Historical past - Altering the Future

Generally we are able to look again and see instances that had been turning factors in our lives, in our world. What might have been executed to make a constructive distinction? What might we as people and as a gaggle have executed to steer occasions to a greater final result? We now have simply such a possibility earlier than us, proper right here, proper now, on the finish of 2019 and into subsequent January of 2020.

Think about an upcoming celestial occasion as our probability as a united drive subject to affect its impact on our lives and on our world in a powerfully constructive manner. I am referring to the planetary alignment of two “massive hitters” in our photo voltaic system, Saturn and Pluto. These slow-moving planets take fairly a little bit of time to get collectively within the sky and have been dancing round one another all yr. However what does it imply for us?

All of the planets from Saturn on out ask us to alter, every in its personal manner. Saturn is understood – amongst different issues – for its affect to take away something or anybody in our lives that doesn’t serve our function on earth. A form of pruning, if you’ll. No matter just isn’t working for us has to go. Maintain on to it and endure. Pluto forces change by intense strain, virtually feeling like we can’t breathe or escape. What it touches over time undergoes a renewal, a resurrection, however typically by way of inescapable strain.

So what occurs after they ‘get collectively”, after they align within the sky as a conjunction? Any two planets aligning symbolize a form of delivery, a brand new begin, a creation of vitality that may affect how life on earth goes ahead from that point on. Generally the impact is gentle, typically highly effective. Making use of the Saturn-Pluto new delivery vitality, let’s look again and get an concept of the scope and energy that this alignment can result in.

August 1947, Saturn met Pluto meet at 13 levels of the signal of Leo for a rebirth of issues that aren’t working proper on earth concerning Leo points. These embody – amongst different issues – sports activities, leisure, kids. Professional sports activities as much as that point paid gamers horribly. Many needed to maintain common jobs simply to assist their households and survive. Many needed to sleep in vehicles or buses If the crew traveled to a different space. The massive cash went to the house owners and the imbalance was unfair. Zoom ahead to the current day to see how Pluto and Saturn corrected that fallacious and also you see sports activities figures making phenomenal sums.

The identical goes for the leisure business. As much as 1947 – and even after that for some time, because it does take a couple of years for planetary affect from the massive hitters to kick in – film stars had been pushed to end up a number of productions a yr and had been typically carry on medicine to maintain them shifting throughout the day and sleeping at night time. Right now, like with professional sports activities gamers, film stars make high greenback whether or not it is for a film or television.

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The identical may be mentioned for musicians, who had been labored to the bone as much as that point touring and doing live shows however who now make the massive sums.

Now we come to Leo’s rulership of youngsters, who suffered as a lot injustice (except they had been from royalty or wealth) engaged on farms at early ages or in factories till youngster labor legal guidelines got here into being. Nonetheless, kids weren’t significantly thought to be human beings with any worth till they matured and began “contributing to society”; and youngster psychology was barely in its infancy. Right now we aren’t solely involved with the event of a kid as a person human being together with his or her personal items and skills, however we’re studying to concentrate to the prenatal influences on the creating fetus and the way they have an effect on the kid’s later development and improvement.

Sure, these influences have taken a long time to reform, and that ought to give us a good suggestion of how highly effective such celestial births may be. Which brings us to what’s coming in January of 2020 and the explanation my alarm bells hold going off.

On January 12, 2020, Saturn and Pluto conjoin within the sky on the 22nd diploma within the signal of Capricorn. We have seen what occurred with the conjunction in Leo. Now let us take a look at what Capricorn holds for us. Most easily put, it’s “the world”. This consists of our planet itself, our governments and the construction of our lives, our banking system, firms – all that massive stuff. So what can we anticipate?

On the degree of the bodily earth, the place tectonic plates are grinding collectively and climate patterns are increasingly more excessive, we have already been seeing how badly nature must be introduced into steadiness due to how horribly mankind has fouled the environments of air and water and run ragged pillaging the spoils deep within the filth. The warning indicators from the earth have been there and the conjunction will drive us – a technique or one other – to concentrate and take acceptable motion. Or not.

On the governmental degree, what wants to alter? Is democracy or socialism or communism actually “for the individuals” any extra, as they had been designed to be, or do they solely serve the 1%? Are too many governments corrupt and have to be pruned right down to function extra truthfully and effectively?

The identical may be mentioned of the banking business that reaps phenomenal income from legions of charges whereas they’re shielded from any wrong-doing in opposition to their clients who’re those answerable for the banks’ existence and survival. Speak about slicing off the hand that feeds. And but it has come to that by corrupted manipulation of the authorized system.

Firms worldwide may even be delivered to activity by Saturn and Pluto. Their focus has strayed removed from manufacturing or providing high quality and usefulness to creating ridiculously low-cost merchandise that create dump websites of third world international locations, merchandise we’re brainwashed to consider that we can’t dwell with out, throwing economies into tailspins of debt and teetering on the point of collapse.

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Sure, Capricorn holds sway over the among the greatest issues of our lives. And with the planet Pluto’s deathly affect weighing in, we are able to additionally, fortunately, anticipate to see such repulsive factions of life because the worldwide intercourse slave cartels, pornography, youngster abuse and violence faraway from our world.

Let’s take a break and return for a minute to the dialogue in regards to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo in 1947. This was what I’d name a “easy conjunction” in that they solely received collectively within the sky at that diploma with out every other energies including to or subtracting from it. And you’ll respect how sweeping these influences turned out to be over the next a long time.

Effectively, the 2020 conjunction is what I’d name “supercharged” and I say that for 3 causes:

First, the conjunction occurs in Capricorn, which is an indication that’s dominated by Saturn. Which means that Saturn is stronger in affect, as is any planet that travels by means of its personal signal. So the pruning and correcting results at the moment are turned up a notch.

Second, Saturn and Pluto should not solely conjoining on the 22nd diploma of the constellation Capricorn, however they’re additionally parallel, that’s, collectively within the sky by declination, or on the identical level above the earth’s equator, giving it a double conjunction and once more multiplying their impact.

Third, as if we wanted any extra energy added to this celestial phenomenon, there may be an eclipse on January 10, 2020 close to that diploma and together with that’s the planet Mercury which can also be conjunct and parallel to Saturn and Pluto. (Numerologists may even notice that the 22nd diploma is an influence quantity, so do we’d like any extra causes to take this occasion very, very significantly and see what we are able to do to have interaction and steer this vitality into constructive corrections?)

So now we’ve got the Solar, Mercury, the earth, Saturn and Pluto – 5 of our 10 photo voltaic system planets — all collectively three-dimensionally within the sky, strongly influencing and in a manner pulling on the very cloth of our lives on earth.

Sure, there’s a lot that must be reformed and it has been talked about for a very long time by these with the intelligence and foresight sufficient to learn the writing on the wall.

And now it is coming time to pay the piper and make the adjustments. Left by itself, the adjustments look to carry some horribly devastating outcomes for the planet and for the individuals. We now have been seeing and feeling the chaos of issues uncontrolled for some years now. Violence, storms, floods, fires, tsunamis, quakes, terror assaults. However is there something we are able to do to shift or reduce the catastrophies that hold taking place and which are slated by this huge super-conjunction to proceed and get even worse within the coming years earlier than the phoenix is reborn from the ashes?

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This query has jogged my memory of scenes I’ve seen of bombed out cities and cities and buildings, the place the rubble is sky excessive and other people with grim faces are shifting the particles brick by brick to clear the best way for rebuilding. All of the painstaking time it takes to rebuild from the ashes. What can we do?

I consider that a united drive subject of constructive vitality – whether or not by means of prayer or meditation or inventive imagery or heartfelt need – can affect occasions in our lives. Definitely. I’ve seen this occur sufficient to know it is true and actual. So from now by means of January, let’s all of us decide to focus solely constructive, light-filled, loving ideas and emotions of how this world, this life might look, might really feel, and may very well be lived.

In case your issues are for the earth herself, see her with clear air and pure water, species surviving and thriving, zones temperate with simply the suitable steadiness of sunshine and rain to assist life.

In case your issues are for humanity, see all of the individuals with greater than sufficient not solely to dwell with the essential requirements however sufficient to become their full potentials, wholesome, educated in no matter social group they belong to, individually bringing their items extra absolutely into the world, thriving at a excessive degree of achievement and satisfaction. See us all as accepting of variations and respectful of one another, having fun with the wonders and variety of humankind.

See our governments and establishments, banks and firms run by individuals certified to manage with equanimity, equity, enterprise acumen, mutual respect and duty. Imagining this all brings a component of sanity, security, even pleasure to what many people expertise day-after-day once we activate the television or get on the web.

If we are able to do that every day, and particularly on the 10th and 12th of January, 2020, then I wholeheartedly consider that we are able to reduce the catastrophes and hasten the rebuilding by including grace and lightweight and like to the expansion course of our photo voltaic system is requiring of us. Whether or not we consider the longer term as a brand new earth, as Eden reborn, as rising to a better dimension, as elevating the consciousness of the world, what issues is just that we do that collectively.

If I may be so daring as to counsel that we put forth our heartfelt efforts at midday and/or midnight day-after-day — instances which are acknowledged as “changeovers” — that is likely to be splendid. But it surely’s much more vital that we co-create our new world constantly, every day, at no matter time we are able to make it occur.

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